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Qomla provides you with professional, efficient and high-quality services.

Service Process

Learn about our production process and be prepared.
  • Requirements Analysis
    Requirements Analysis

    Communicate needs with customers, clarify website goals, functional points, design styles...

  • Prototype Design
    Prototype Design

    Draw prototype diagrams to simulate website function structure, interaction logic, board layout...

  • Visual Design
    Visual Design

    According to brand tonality, define visual language, design interface, icon drawing, material processing...

  • Front-end development
    Front-end Development

    Use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript to write static pages to test browser and mobile phone compatibility.

  • Back-end development
    Back-end Development

    Website system architecture, database design, function development, front-end and back-end integration.

  • Test / on-line
    Test / on-line

    The website will be launched after passing all-round strict tests on compatibility, ease of use, and carrying capacity.

  • Service Support
    Service Support

    Provide 7x24 hours free maintenance, website update, bug repair, technical support and other services.

Maintenance Service

Continuously improve products and follow-up services.
Custom website construction
Custom website Construction

We never use templates, each website is fully customized, and each customer has all the website source code and the right to deploy by themselves.

Free top-level domain
Free Top-level Domain

We give away top-level domain names and free filing. At the same time, we can implement multiple sub-sites and multi-domain access construction on Joomla.

Free cloud server
Free Cloud Server

We give away the best cloud server that works with Joomla!, or we can deploy it to a server of your choice for free, and we will continue to follow up the service throughout the website life cycle.

Free maintenance
Free Maintenance

Provides Joomla bug fixes, real-time upgrades, scheduled backups and security checks. Starting from the second year, you only need to pay a very small renewal fee.

Free content updates
Free Content Updates

We provide free services such as daily website content update, editing, replacement and picture modification.

Full-time professional services
Full-time Professional Services

We provide 7x24 hours of uninterrupted service, allowing you to say goodbye to the problem of "no one can be found" and solve all worries


  • What materials do I need to prepare before building the website?

    You don't need to prepare too much information, you only need the company logo (if not available, we provide logo design services) and a small amount of website information (company introduction, business content, product information...), and leave the rest to us.

  • The copyright of the website design manuscript belongs to?

    All our designs are original, and customers can decide whether to apply for a design patent.

  • Is the website source code delivered?

    We do not lock or encrypt the source code of the website. All website source files, databases and other materials are delivered to the customer, and the customer can modify it by himself, and choose the server manufacturer, and we will help it to deploy.

  • What is your payment method?

    In order to streamline the approval process and improve efficiency, we adopt a model of 60% advance payment and 40% final payment

  • What additional costs are included in website construction?

    The construction of our website has included all the costs of design, development, modification, update, maintenance, etc., without any additional hidden charges.

  • Who do you call for daily website content updates??

    When we deliver, we will provide background management, and customers can update by themselves, or let us update for free.

  • Can I use my own server??

    Yes, you can choose a server purchased by ourselves and we help you deploy your website, or host it on our cloud server.

  • Does the website provide free maintenance?

    We provide free maintenance services within one year from the date of contract signing, and only a minimum maintenance fee of 1,500 yuan from the following year.

  • Will the producer be marked after the website is built?

    Our aim is that the website construction is like the customer's own construction, and we will not mark our production in the footer of the customer's website or any obvious or hidden place.

  • Do you provide multi-language translation of the website?

    Yes, we provide automatic translation and human translation options.