• Image editing extension

    Upload and insert multiple pictures, preview and edit pictures online, create responsive pictures. Extend JCE MediaBox picture/video responsive pop-up box, etc.

  • Multimedia extension

    Upload and insert different multimedia files (Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, HTML 5 video and audio). Easily insert external videos (Youku, Youtube, Vimeo...).

  • File extension management

    Links to images, documents, media, and other common file types on websites. Create downloadable files (PDF, DOC, PPT...).

  • Template editing management

    Insert predefined template content from html or text file. Create template fragments for all or part of the content. Configure the template style as the starting content of the new article.

  • Picture title

    Create title text on the image, define color, background, alignment, margin and padding options.

  • Code editing mode

    Highlight code, automatic label matching and label closing. Search and replace, support the use of regular expressions.

  • iFrames

    Create and edit iFrames, easily insert the URL automatically generated.

  • Multi-terminal and multi-syntax support

    Support front and back editing. Support MarkDown syntax.