• Rich end type

    Various form field settings such as text field, password field, hidden field, drop-down options, selectable options, buttons, date pickers, file uploads, etc.

  • Create a multi-page form

    Break down the form steps to create a multi-page form, or use AJAX to create a single-page form.

  • Data export and backup

    The data can be exported to CSV, Excel, XML, PDF and other formats.

  • Multilingual form

    The same form automatically switches the corresponding language version according to different countries, IP addresses, and browser languages.

  • Verify message

    Check for valid email addresses, alphanumeric characters, numeric values ​​or passwords.

  • Data protection

    Image verification code verification and reCAPTCHA verification effectively prevent spam links and email submissions.

  • Universal browser compatible

    Fully tested by all leading web browsers on the market.

  • Drag and drop grid system

    Easily place, display, and layout forms in the grid system by dragging and dropping.

  • Email notification

    The submitted data is forwarded to the designated mailbox, and unlimited emails can be configured.

  • Integration extension

    Google Statistics, Google Maps, Salesforce, Vtiger, Paypal...