• Extensive product catalog

    Multi-level product catalog display and online ordering, multimedia (picture, video, PDF, etc.) display form. Search products in the latest/hot/relevant/selected/sorting methods, product filtering and product search. Direct online product consultation, each product has a review and rating system.

  • Unlimited product categories

    Unlimited establishment of product levels and their nesting, each product is associated with multiple levels, and each level defines a different style template. Multimedia description category.

  • Product management

    Display different price systems according to currency, consumer group, quantity, etc. Customize the attributes to create any complex product, for a unified description. Push product information directly to specific consumer groups. Product cloning and derivation quickly create a bunch of similar products.

  • shopping cart

    The customer information is automatically filled in to support tourists to purchase and checkout. Single-page or multi-page settlement mode. One-click purchase.

  • Order management

    Payment/shipping workflow, historical orders, anonymous user order tracking.

  • Inventory management

    There is inventory warning, virtual inventory.

  • Dynamic calculator

    Used to calculate tax rates, discounts and exchange rates, define rules according to different conditions (countries, regions, consumer groups, time...), and automatically update exchange rates and rates.

  • Consumers and consumer groups

    Using consumers and consumer groups to display different discounts, prices, freight, payment methods, etc., to create a unique sales model and personalized shopping experience.

  • Payment and shipping

    Paypal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc. Set the shipping method according to the country.

  • Coupon/Discount Code

    Set discount code, share discount link to Moments.

  • Invoice management

    Define the order status for creating invoices. The history of the order status. Use the invoice system for custom jobs.

  • Powerful SEO/SEM

    Separate search engine optimization such as Meta tags, keywords, and descriptions for categories, products, manufacturers, and media pages. Automatic error correction for product link failure, and enhanced search engine scores.

  • globalization

    Support multiple stores in multiple languages, automatically switch between different countries and regions.