"Do I need website construction?"
"How much does it cost to build a website?"
"How can I find a reliable website construction company to serve me?"

With these common questions, Qomla will explain them one by one for you.

Why do you need a website?

Just like doing business requires a facade, a company needs a brand image, acquiring customers, and serving customers. The corporate official website is not only the company's facade, but also 24-hour online salespersons and customer service.

What type of business needs a website?

Basically all companies need website construction, whether they are providing services or products, and whether the customers are local or foreign. The application range of corporate websites is very wide:

  • Printed on business cards and brochures to enhance company credibility
  • Inserting an email signature makes the company very professional
  • Share links, promote brands, and find customers on social media such as WeChat, communities, and Moments...
  • Use the website to provide help and services to customers online
  • Customers can consult or order products and services online
How much does it cost to build a website? Are there standard prices?

For example, "How much does it cost to renovate a house?" A house of 100 square meters can be renovated for 100,000 yuan, and it can be renovated for 1 million yuan. Website construction is a product, and the product has experience, and the experience is endless, and the output will be as much as you invest.

Usually there are many types of website construction. Is it used to promote corporate image, product display, e-commerce, or both?

Modern website construction is roughly divided into two categories:

The first type is Self-service website building, which uses templates and simply drags and drops to create pages. The advantage is that it is simple and the price is low, usually several hundred to several thousand per year. The disadvantage is that there is no brand personality, and if you don’t understand design, it will be ugly to use templates to modify it. And it is usually tied to the platform, requiring annual renewal and maintenance, which is troublesome and not cost-effective in terms of time and money.

The other type is customized website design. You can build it yourself or find a design and development company to help you customize it. The customization price will of course be higher, usually ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands for a corporate website, and the cycle time will be Slightly longer, but it is a unique customized style for your brand, with a high sense of quality, and you can get a complete website program and professional services.

Which type to choose should be based on the actual situation of the company. If it is only for simple temporary use and does not have much budget, choose one; if you need to be a sincere customer and show the company's strength, choose the second.

How to find a reliable website construction company?

First of all, you have to look at the website construction company's own official website. If you don't do your own things well, how can you do your customers' things well? And 3 points that can be considered:


Professional team and process

Website construction is a technical job. Designers need deep knowledge and attainments, development engineers need experience and accumulation, and project managers need to understand customers' thoughts and embrace customers.

The website construction process can ensure that the customer's website is completed with high quality and high standards. From customer project demand analysis, website design and development to test and launch, every step must be strictly implemented, and every step should be communicated and confirmed with the customer.

Customer cases and works

Customer cases are the most direct way to effectively prove the strength of the team. You can browse the cases and pay attention to the details.

Qomla has rich experience in design and development for domestic and foreign customers, and cross-border thinking makes customers' websites more novel.

Integrated after-sales service

Good after-sales service is the key to the successful operation of the website after the completion of the construction: the website needs to be updated in a timely manner; minor website modifications and bugs can be repaired in a timely manner; problems with the website or server can be dealt with immediately. And consider whether these services are chargeable.

After the website is built, you need to know whether the source code and design manuscript have been fully delivered to the client. This can avoid many subsequent transfer problems.

Qomla provides integrated free after-sales service and full delivery, allowing customers to build their website worry-free.