IOT 网站设计,网站建设案例

Building a good website is not only a corporate image project, but also the lowest cost and best choice for corporate operations to acquire customers, activate customers, serve customers, and improve customer experience in the Internet and mobile Internet era.

So, what are the specific processes and steps? And how to build a good website, do it yourself or choose outsourcing? Five steps to help you build the perfect website.

1. Types and goals of website construction

First of all, what needs to be clarified is the company's business type and company development stage. Is the company a product-based company or a service-based company, or both?

For service-oriented company website construction, if it is a start-up, you can consider starting from the direction of brand promotion, focusing on introducing who the company is and what it does. What, what are the advantages, how to do it, where to do it (i.e. 4W1H: Who, What, Where, Why, How), etc.

Pharmaceutical company website Design and brand website construction case

If it is a service-oriented enterprise with a certain number of years, you can consider strengthening the brand and deepening the service content, focusing on highlighting service areas, solutions, and services. Support, customer stories, industry influence and more.

Mobile Security Website Design and company website construction cases

When building a website for a company that has both products or services, you should consider the product category and display format, and whether it provides online ordering functions. If the product is relatively single, you can consider a single-page web design for each product. Do you just need a product display website, or do you need e-commerce functionality Website construction, based on target customer needs, multi-language capabilities in different regions, order processing, payment gateways, etc.

underwear Brand company website design and e-commerce website construction cases

Secondly, understand the customer groups, including the age group, purchasing level, regional distribution, etc. of the main target customer groups. And what feeling and impression do you want the company's website design to convey to customers, or what kind of products or services are provided to customers.

2. Column content planning for website construction

After clarifying the goals and customer groups of the company's website construction, it is necessary to consider how to plan the columns and content of the website.

Generally speaking, the columns of company promotion website are: about us, service areas, customer cases, news, contact us, job opportunities wait.

thing Networked AI website design and brand website construction case

Product display or E-commerce type website construction, columns can be Additional features include: product center (online mall), service support, member center, registration and login, etc.

Building Materials Company website design and product mall website construction case

And whether the website needs multi-language versions, whether it needs to be adapted to responsiveness, etc.

Of course, every company's situation is different. Qomla can carry out comprehensive Function customization, providing professional planning and guidance.

3. Resource preparation and website design

Modern websites have increasingly higher requirements for user experience. Not only does the website design need to be beautiful, but it also needs to be easy to use and engaging in interaction.

It is not easy to design a good website. A good website is like a work of art, which requires detail carving and continuous optimization and improvement, as well as the integration of aesthetics and product thinking.

As much as possible, material resources from the company should be displayed on the website, and the website copy should be written independently.

Company brand promotion website construction, you can take some company office photos, park photos, team photos, customer case display photos, and corporate videos ..., draw icon graphics according to the business type, and process them with related materials, etc.

Company Promotional Website Design and brand website construction case

Product display type or E-commerce type website construction, high Quality product pictures are necessary, as well as 2D/3D renderings of the product, renderings, downloads of product-related information, etc.

Wine e-commerce website design and product website construction case

Web design needs to be unified and harmonious with the company's brand tone. For start-up companies, it is necessary to emphasize the brand color.

For most companies, they may not have professional website design capabilities, so they can draw their ideas into drafts or prototypes, seek professional help, or seek help from companies like Qomla for website design.

In addition, it is not recommended to find art designers on Taobao.

4. Website development and launch

Website development is divided into front-end development and back-end development. Compared with back-end management, front-end experience is particularly important. If there are not many website pages, you can also display them as Html static pages. If it involves the processing of relevant data, then having a management backend is necessary.

Usually, the website construction functions of ordinary companies are not complicated. The company has the ability to develop better, or directly choose a mature CMS (content management system), such as the world's most popular open source content management system Joomla, Qomla Excellent design capabilities coupled with excellent Joomla system, starting from simple display website construction to complex multi-functional website construction, we can handle it with ease.

If you want to develop by yourself but don’t have any foundation, Qomla recommends you read: "What is a web server"Start.

After developing the website, you must also consider testing it on multiple devices (including computers and mobile phones), multiple screens, and multiple browsers. Going online after testing does not mean it is over. Data and customer feedback should also be followed up for continuous improvement.

Mobile security website design responsive website construction case < /p>

Regarding domain names and servers, you can apply for and purchase them before website construction or before going online. The domain name should be in full English or pinyin or a combination of it as much as possible. It is not recommended to use underscores, dashes and combinations of numbers. The .com suffix is preferred, and personalized domain name cc, .co, .me... and other suffixes can also be considered. Cloud servers are preferred as servers, followed by shared servers.

5. Website promotion and marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most direct, efficient and feasible way to promote your website. The entire website construction process, from content planning to website design, to website development and launch, must be done from the perspective of user experience. It is never wrong to consider more for your customers. Set Meta title, Meta description, and keywords for each page and article; add alt to images and provide a brief description. Also update website content from time to time, such as news updates.

In this regard, we recommend reading Google's "SEO Search Engine Optimization Guide. P.S: Prepare your own supplies when building a wall😄.

Use social network promotion, public accounts and trumpets on major platforms like WeChat, various professional communities like Zhihu, etc. to share and disseminate original content in a targeted manner.

Attach your website to your business card and email signature~ 

The above 5 steps are the basis for successful corporate website design and website construction. Qomla provides professional and high-end website construction services and full life cycle technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us Contact.